Uayamón De Campeche

The Uayamon Ranch was founded during the last decade of the 16th century and was dedicated to the raising of cows and pigs. We know that from 1685 it was plundered, as happened to other ranches in the area, as well as to the city of Campeche, by the pirates Graff and Grammont. Uayamon Ranch was the property of Don Francisco de Cicero, a colonel and commander of the "Milicia Write" in 1792.


Uayamon continued to operate as a ranch without much change through the end of the 18th century as official records of 1779 tell us. In the 19th century, Uayamon was converted into a hacienda and was then sold to the son of a personal friend, Jose Segundo Carvajal, a colonel of engineering and commander of its forces. At the beginning of the '70s in that century, the hacienda passed into the hands of Don Rafael Carvajal Iturralde.



Uayamon then became one of the most important haciendas in the state of Campeche, due to the variety of it production, which included the raising of livestock, the cultivation of corn and sugar cane, "palo de tinte" (wood used for dye), and of course, the production of henequen. In 1869, its population had grown to 35 workers. By 1877, Uaymon had the second most territory of any hacienda in Campeche State, with an area of over nine leagues, and achieved its maximum development under another of its owners, don Fernando Carvajal Estrada.


Hacienda Uayamon has 12 suites. Up to two children under the age of 12 may share a room with two adults without additional charge. We accept a maximum of three adults or two children with two adults per room. Hacienda Uayamon is located 20 minutes away from the airport at the City of Campeche. We would be grateful if you would inform us of the arrival and departure times for your flight for each reservation you make with us. Merida International Airport is located two and a half hours away from Hacienda Uayamon. Hacienda Santa 


Rosa is one and a half hours away.

Description of the rooms:

Ten suites at the hacienda are cozy, colonial-style villas situated along the paths leading through the gardens and jungle. There are also two grand suites, located in one of the main original buildings, which has been entirely restored and adapted to the needs of a hotel. All of the rooms are spacious 


and feature air conditioning and large bathrooms with all the modern amenities. Some rooms and suites have ceilings that are 21 feet high. All of the rooms have a hammock that lets you sleep

Mayan style. The rooms and suites at Hacienda Santa Rosa are elegant and romantic, decorated entirely in the colonial style of the last century. The walls are colored with mineral paint in pastel tones.



• Air conditioning and ceiling fans

• King size or two queen beds

• Desk

• Lounge chairs or sofa with table or tall dining table and chairs

• Wardrobe, two per suite

• In-room safe

• Direct-dial telephone with long distance service

• Shower and a bathtub in all rooms

• Bathrobes and amenities changed daily

• Terrace with dining area, rest area and hammock

• Mini bar

Colonial Villas(total of 10) are cozy, colonial-style villas situated along the paths leading through the gardens and jungle of the hacienda. The spacious bedroom has a short corridor that leads to the bathroom. Each bathroom has a shower and bathtub with a view of the gardens. Each villa has a terrace and living room. Two of the villas share a common terrace, which is an ideal arrangement for families.

Colonial Suites(total of 2) are found in one of the original hacienda buildings. The suites are very spacious, with 27 foot high ceilings. These suites have an interior-exterior terrace, a bathroom with tub and shower, and a private garden.