Known since 1665 as the estancia of Don Diego de Mendoza, one of the descendents of the conquistador Francisco de Montejo, Temozon produced cattle and corn. During the second half of the 19th century, it was rapidly transformed into a henequen hacienda for its owner, Carlos Peon Machado. One of the most important haciendas on the Yucatan Peninsula, its land covered an area of 6,642 hectares with 640 laborers and the most powerful industrial equipment in the region. Temozon is one of the best examples of the


prosperity generated by the production of henequen. However, after the first world war, the consumption and prices of sisal fiber suffered a violent fall, making the maintenance of these immense haciendas unsustainable.

The agrarian reforms enacted by the government during the revolution further reduced the productive capability of the hacienda. After restitution, much of the lands belonged to the town of Abala, so that only 3,291 hectares remained. In


1937, the hacienda was confiscated and finally returned to Humberto Suarez in 1956, the last owner from the Peon family.

After passing through other hands, it was finally acquired by Grupo Plan, which immediately began the restoration and upgrades to it buildings and gardens, which now occupy an area of 37 hectares. The hacienda was restored in a fashion such that it offers visitors the ambience of the finest lifestyle of the 19th 


century when it achieved the height of its prosperity.  All of its buildings, the exteriors as much as the interiors, have been carefully retouched using the techniques and materials that were originally employed, with mineral pigments of red, yellow and blue. Some buildings still retain their original floors, as well as their doors and windows. The reconstruction and the modern amenities are especially designed for each room to adapt the style of the hacienda and 


reinforce the atmosphere that was created by the original builders. 

Hacienda Temozon has 28 rooms and suites. It is located 35 minutes from the Merida International Airport. We would be grateful if you would inform us of the arrival and departure times for your flight for each reservation you make with us. We can then arrange transportation for you and your luggage.



Up to two children under the age of 12 may share a room with two adults without additional charge. We accept a maximum of three adults or two children with two adults per room.

Description of the rooms: The rooms and suites are located in the original building, which has been entirely restored and adapted to the needs of a hotel. All rooms are named


after their original purpose, for example: the pharmacy (la farmacia), the school (la escuela) and the kitchen (la cocina).  All of the spacious rooms have air conditioning and large bathrooms with modern amenities. Some rooms and suites have ceilings that are 21 feet high. All of the rooms have a hammock that lets you sleep Mayan style. The interior décor reflects the tastes of the 19th century when the hacienda was at the height of its prosperity.




• Air conditioning and ceiling fans

• King size or two queen beds

• Desk in all suites and in some rooms

• Lounge chairs or sofa with table or tall dining table and chairs in all suites and some rooms.

• Wardrobe, at least two per room or suite

• In-room safe

• Direct-dial telephone with long distance service

• Showers in all rooms. Bathtubs in some Superior rooms

• Bathrobes and amenities changed daily

• Terrace with dining area in some suites and rooms and/or deck chairs (in some suites)

• Private plunge pool outside the room in most suites.

• Private terrace or garden in most rooms and suites

• Mini bar