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Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention and Exposition Center
centrodeconvenciones Centro de Conv sigloXXI
The convention center is located to the north of Merida. This modern complex evokes the grandeur of Mayan architecture. It has easy access to the city center, as well as to the international airport, both only 15 minutes away. In an area of no more than 6 miles, conventioneers will find Mayan archaeological sites, haciendas, cenotes, golf courses, museums, the main hotels, commercial centers, and much more.
The convention complex covers an area of 84,000 square meters (904,000 square feet) with parking for 1,543 cars and 66 buses. It offers an enclosed area of 20,900 square meters in just one floor that houses the convention salon, with a capacity for up to 6,500 people. The exhibition area has the capacity to house up to 339, 9 by 9 foot stalls with a height of up to 30 feet. 
The complex also offers a press room, six theaters, and spaces for services and concessions.
The center also offers telecommunications connections for telephone, fax and Internet, as well as 110 and 220 VAC electrical outlets. There is independent access for cargo loading and unloading.
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Hotels in Mérida
Hotel Hyatt
hyatt eng
Hotel Fiesta Americana
americana eng
Hotel Villa Mercedes
villa mercedes eng
Hotel Holiday Inn
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Hotel El Conquistador
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Hotel Los Aluxes
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Hotel Misión Mérida
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Other Venues

  • Teatro Armando Manzanero (before Mérida)
– Sala de Arte 101 persons
– Cineteca National 270 persons
– Sala Principal 1120 persons
Teatro Armando Manzanero2 teatro-armando-manzanero
  • Carlos Acereto Cultural Center
– Sala for 330 persons with professional lighting and sound, lobby
carlos acereto carlos acereto2
  • Olimpo Cultural Center of Merida
– 3 Exhibition Rooms
– Video screening room for 90 persons
– Auditorium for 280 persons
centro-cutural-el-olimpo centro cultural olimpo
  • Museum of Yucatan Song
– Events with capacity for 1000 persons
museo de la cancion yuc2 museo de la cancion yuc
  • Peon Contreras Theater
– Forum 870 persons
– Balcony 250 persons
– Gallery for exhibitions
Peon Contreras4 Peon Contreras1 Peon Contreras2 1
  • UADY University
– Central Patio 400 persons
– Auditorium 350 persons
– Exhibition hallways
COM_9884 COM_6960 1
  • MACAY Museum of Contemporary Art
– Events with capacity for 600 persons
COM_7103 1 COM_8319 1 COM_7089 1
  • Niño Yucateco Cultural Center (CECUNY)
– Sala 100 persons
– Open Air Esplanade with capacity for 3000 persons
cecuny cecuny2
  • Remate de Montejo
– Capacity for 2000 persons
remate remate 2
  • Park of the Americas
– Capacity for 800 persons
Parque las Americas 1 parque de las americas 4 1
  • Club Campestre
– Large salon for 600 persons for banquets with dance floor, also has pool, tennis courts, bar, children's party area, garden areas, track, gymnasium, bathrooms and private parking.
club camp€str€ club campestre 2
  • Santa Ana
– Capacity for 800 persons
santaana santa-ana
  • Santa Lucia
– Capacity for 800 persons
M3367S-4507 santa lucia2
  • Rancho Tierra Bonita
– Canvas covered arena for 400 persons
– 20000 square meters of tropical gardens
– Restaurant for 110 persons
– Open air terrace for 80 persons
tierra bonita tierra bonita3
  • Quinta Montes Molina
– Garden with capacity for 1200 persons
– Salons for 60 persons
– Parking for 100 cars
– Tents
Quinta Montes Molina1 quintamontes1
Sport Venus
  • Yucatan Golf Club
  • Libanes Sport Club of Yucatan
  • Inalambrico Olypic Complex
  • Salvador Alvarado General Stadium
  • Multipurpuse Gymnasium
  • Kukulcan Sports Stadium

club de golf esadio salvador 

HELLOMOTO kukulcan