Puerta Campeche

The site that we know as the City of Campeche was inhabited by different ethnic groups that formed part of the Mayan race, seventeen of which still inhabit the region.

The capital of the province, called Can Pech, was conquered by Francisco Hernandez Cordoba on March 22nd, 1527 and received the name San Lazaro. Later, Francisco de Montejo "the Younger", renamed it Villa de San Francisco de Campeche on October 4th, 1540.



As more Spanish arrived in Mexico, a synthesis of culture and the "mestiza" or mixture of races resulted in the formation of cities with a rich and complex character that is uniquely Mexican. Campeche is an example of one such city. It is the perfect representation of baroque colonial architecture that in this case combines important maritime commercial activities with the presence of religious and military offices of great scope. Add to this the development of the Maya and we have a place where we can appreciate architecture that displays the


most important moments in the history of the country, the value of which was recognized  in 1999 when UNESCO named Campeche a World Heritage site.

The Guard House or House of the Warrior, now Hotel Hacienda Puerta Campeche, is located in the historical center of the city and is an example of those buildings mentioned above. Between 18 and 59th streets (before "De la Muralla" and America, respectively), we find a house with arches,


patios and courtyards that form a part of the regular lines of a traditional baroque colonial. The building was originally the concept of a military engineer named Agustin Crame, in 1779. Due to its excellent location in front of the "Puerta de Tierra", in 1870 don Eligio Guerro Quero established a wholesale import store known as "El Bronce", that also functioned as a warehouse and storage for corn, rice, lentils and salt, as well as wines and champagne of high quality.


Later, it was established as the first soap factory, belonging as well to the Guerrero family. At the death of don Eligio, his widow kept the property, for a time as a henequen export business and later as a guest house.

In 2000, it was acquired by Grupo Plan to establish Hotel Hacienda Puerta Compeche, with the objective of  developing tourism in the region.



The Suites

The bathrooms are designed with comforts that permit guests complete liberty, such that they are planed in a way that the spacious showers can be used independently of the other services. As well, they offer twin

dressing tables and hair dryers.

As part of the Junior and Deluxe Suites, guests can enjoy the living area that is actually a terrace with futons for resting, reading or having a message.


The Master Suiteoffers a bathtub and DVD player plus all the amenities of a Deluxe Suite.

The original design of our rooms is characterized by their spaciousness and good taste, characteristics of Starwood's Luxury Collection, always attentive to your comfort so that your stay at Hotel Hacienda Puerta Campeche will be unforgettable.