Before & After Programs

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We can design day trips and custom tour packages for any possibility or interest. Whether your participants have only a few hours, half a day, all day or a number of days, we have a solution that will offer a rewarding time for all in any situation. Before and after your event, we can organize a wide range of day trips and tours, in private or as a group.
These activities can focus on:
• Archaeology and history, visiting one or more of the archaeological 
sites in the region.
• Contemporary Mayan culture, visiting Mayan pueblos, local artisans 
and regional dances.
• A mix of history and art, visiting the city of Merida and some of its 
• Shopping, visiting the different plazas and/or publos dedicated to 
some craft, like Ticul and its many shoe stores
• The beach and aquatic sports
• Nature, visiting a biosphere or ecological reserve, like Celestun
• Ecological tours of the cenotes
• Haciendas (Museums, Hotels and Restaurants)
• Light and sound shows, combined with dinner at Uxmal, Chichen Itza 
or Izamal
Please review the various day trip and custom package tour options described in the Tour section of this website for more information. 
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