General Information

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The organization of a large meeting or convention is extraordinarily complex due to the variety of services offered to the participants. Success depends on the ability and experience of the organizer, in the attention paid to minute details and in the perfect execution of all the required services.

The Turitransmerida team places at your disposal, anywhere in Yucatan, their contacts, experience and knowledge of planning meetings, conventions, product presentations and incentives. Turitransmerida offers custom services guaranteeing specialized counseling, management optimization and economized resources.


Turitransmerida Offers…

  • Support for the most conventional to the most extraordinary events
  • Diverse salons, meeting rooms and venues for 5 to  6500 participants
  • Locations from the most cosmopolitan to the most rural


Turitransmerida Also…

  • Adapts events to follow your wishes
  • Contributes creative new ideas
  • Plans to the most miniscule detail
  • Contracts with the most competitive and trustworthy providers


Turitransmerida Excels in…

  • Its highly qualified team
  • Its knowledge of Yucatan
  • Its ability to make the best deals
  • Its rapid, competitive and detailed budgets
  • Its use of modern presentation technologies