Turitransmerida invites you to consider Yucatan as the venue for your next event. Merida has much to offer, from its excellent transportation system, including new highways and an international airport, to more than 5,000 of the best hotel rooms, and a majestic convention center called Yucatan Siglo XXI. We're sure you'll find in Yucatan the best quality venues for your business meetings, conventions and expositions.

In addition to its excellent infrastructure and tourist services, Merida and the state of Yucatan offers you a unique combination of attractions, cuisine, music, culture and recreation. Those who participate in your event can enjoy their visit without neglecting the purpose of your event's activities.

Merida is clean, safe and friendly. It extends a most cordial welcome at your arrival, attending to your every need, so you can accomplish your goals and achieve the results you expect.

If you are looking for an ideal venue for your next event, Turitransmerida is waiting for you in Merida, Yucatan!


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